Mind maps can be very beneficial and inspiring for both concerned parties’ education wise: teachers and students. Users from both sides have seen increased productivity once adopting mind mapping as a technique.

Students can find mind mapping as a fun and exciting way to study, work and follow their progress all while saving time. With the help of iMindQ students can:  

By utilizing this technique, scholars can increase productivity, raise achievements, improve grades, be more efficient, and demonstrate a better memory and communication with classmates and teachers. Teachers and students from all over the world use iMindQ in their day-to-day activities.  Browse through some of the case studies to see how mind mapping can help you get through your student years with ease.

Master a subject

You can use iMindQ to take notes and structure information about a course or a subject that you are listening. Whether you are in a high school or university, the flow of a mind map enables you to organize the activities needed to master a new subject in a linear and clear way.

You can use mind maps to organize the information you receive from all the classes you take. Attach your lecture documents of any file type to the class or chapter topic, enter notes and set alerts for your assignment and tests due dates. Stay on top of your education and know how well you are progressing!

Add notes, links, attachments, images or icons. Take advantage of the available features in iMindQ in order to plan your course schedule, write the course content, summarize lectures and get feedback.  Even information about the recommended, obligatory or additional course articles can be stored in a mind map.

We recommend you to start simple. Try one of our custom-made templates for educational purposes and get started with your course preparation in no time. Insert the name of the subject and all relevant information regarding the subject.

Master a subject. Download a template

Prepare an exam

Once you have finished the course lectures, it is time to demonstrate your knowledge and take an exam.  However many students struggle when it comes to achieving their study goals, and getting good grades in their exams. Classes, lectures and exercises, as well as the great deal of books, papers and articles that every student needs to read, can be quite overwhelming.  

Since no one likes to go and read repeatedly, with the help of a mind mapping software, you can summarize everything you know and eliminate the duplicate work.  Start by separating the topics that you need to learn from books, classes, or online resources. In the end, insert a topic that is going to represent the exam structure. Here adding possible questions, insert web links and even write questions that you are going to address to your teacher directly. To prepare your exam with ease, use one of our custom-made templates   

Prepare an exam. Download a template

Brainstorm and collaborate with classmates

Brainstorm. Download map template

Mind maps can be a great addition to any group project. You can chat with your classmates, discuss your ideas and share your views, all while you are still able to upload and attach documents for others to read (or exchange them by hand if you use hand drawn mind maps). With mind mapping you can easily build a common view and understanding with your classmates!

Create presentations

Mind mapping software solutions can help you create your presentation in the shortest time ever. All you need to do is lay down all your ideas from your brainstorming session in a mind map and organize it. Even more, most mind mapping software solutions allow you to take screenshots from your mind maps.

Research and write papers

Have you ever-considered using mind mapping when it comes to doing research and writing papers? The unique research features that are implemented in iMindQ enable you to search for information throughout four different search services: Google Search, Google Images, OpenClipart and Twitter. All of the online insights from the search services can be incorporated into your map as images or source links. Just by dragging and dropping elements from the research panel to the map space, you can organize an entire research from research method and design, and convert them in papers that you can deliver to your professors.

Set your own personal tasks

To do list. Download map template.

When visualizing all your tasks and assignments you can work with ease and more confidence. Creating a mind map of your personal tasks and goal will help you stay on top of your daily activities!

Just as students can see mind-mapping as a new and exciting way to study, teachers can find mind maps to be an interesting way to approach students and share the learning material easily. Teachers can expect better results when it comes to using a mind-mapping tool. iMindQ can be helpful for:  

  • Exploring and solving problems
  • Running classes and presenting materials

Exploring and solving problems

Teachers are expected to set an example of problem solving both in the classroom and out of it. Mind mapping can help significantly when teachers encounter a problem that needs solving. When a particular situation is presented as a mind map, you can add any ideas or resources you can think of, and the nature of Mind Mapping means that you spark off more possibilities from your original thoughts. What this means for teachers is, by Mind Mapping a solution to your problem, they should become focused on the many options you have, and then choose the quickest/easiest/best one for the problem.

Running classes and presenting material

Preparing a lecture. Download map template

Making presentations at school, college or university can be exhausting, but they are a great way of showing that you know the subject well and are confident to talk about it. Furthermore, you can feel more certain that your students will remember the material faster.

When you make your presentation Mind Map, you only keep the most interesting facts and information, and you lay it out in a clear structure. You can add numbers to order your talking points. With mind maps, you can plan your presentation with all of your ideas and resources, create your presentation Map and present it on the school black board – or even better, use a mind mapping software and distribute it to every student separately!

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