The Mind Mapping Software

iMindQ has been around since the beginning of 2009 and has since managed to help business and individuals enhance their creativity, boost their thinking and memorization skills and help them effectively manage and organize information.

iMindQ was developed as a productivity tool that everyone can use, no matter their age, and has since benefited individuals, professionals, businesses, students and educators to better manage their personal and professional goals, plans and activities.

Who Are We?

For the past ten years, a team of experienced professionals has dedicated their time and effort in creating an intuitive mind-mapping tool, intended to help individuals and business stimulate thinking, innovate, organize and visually present ideas.

We always strive for constant improvement and enrichment of our talent, knowledge and expertise of mind mapping. By being a modern, easy to use, dynamic and reliable mind mapping solution, we have gained the trust of more than 200.000 users.

iMindQ is making success stories, in different industries and diverse cases, all over the world.

Our Mission

The main engine that drives the development of iMindQ is to become the simplest tool that will help users maximize productivity, organize thoughts and present ideas at a glance.

We always strive to help users discover new possibilities with our sophisticated mind-mapping tool.

Our Clients

iMindQ is used by individuals and by some of the world’s top organizations, from small to large scale enterprise corporations. Some of our clients include Volvo, Spar, Raiffesien Bank, Swarovski, University of Melbourne and many more.