iMindQ for Study Note Taking and Organization

Mr. Richard Krogstad was a student at USN from 2017-2018. He needed a tool for study note taking and organization and iMindQ was and still is his companion tool for note taking in engineering. Here is what he has to say.

The Problem

In 2014 i started a second education session. This time 3,5 years becoming an engineer in Computer Science. I needed a tool for study note taking and organization.

The Solution

iMindQ is a good no nonsense mindmap software. It does what most comparable software does, but it really shines when it comes to Notes. In a study and business situation I am totally dependent on being able to print and export notes to PDF or HTML. Most other mind mapping software don’t have an option for printing or exporting notes. iMindQ met my basic needs for the notes, but can still improve.

The Outcome

iMindQ gave me the basic framework I needed for some of the most detail complex courses, with lots of groups and subgroups cross related in one or more ways. I am sincerely recommending that other teachers also include mind mapping in their teaching and start yielding the benefits of this powerful learning technique.