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iMindQ which is positioned as a premier mind map software is a great tool that incorporates many types of map styles for business, educational and personal use that could be used by any department in an organization, School system or University. In addition, iMindQ can help individuals stimulate learning, organize and visually present ideas.


Mind maps, concept maps, flowcharts, Gantt charts, Organizational charts, WBS charts and other types of diagrams that are being increasingly used in order to present key information in a rather easily memorable and understandable format, can be best created with iMindQ. It is a great instrument to use when generating new ideas or when trying to get the most of a major workload or information overflow.

How can iMindQ help you?

concept mapping with imindq

Concept Mapping

Concept maps are a visual illustration of concepts and ideas that are connected with linking topics around a central concept.

creative brainstorming with imindq

Creative Brainstorming

Brainstorming sessions with mind maps ensure comprehension, memorization and greater participation from team members.

project planning with imindq

Project Planning

Plan projects by creating a WBS from your deliverables, and visually analyze the outcomes with the use of Gantt chart view.

remarkable presentation with imindq

Remarkable Presentation

Leave a powerful visual impact and provide an overview of the whole topic, by presenting your mind maps with a single click.

team collaboration wtih imindq

Team Collaboration

Work together and share ideas with friends and colleagues, through a collaborative experience with the unique HTML mind maps.

Available Platforms

With iMindQ you can conveniently create and access your mind maps on the following platforms:

iMindQ for Windows

view more mind mapping for windows

iMindQ for Mac

view more mind mapping for mac

iMindQ Use Cases


Find out how iMindQ helps individuals, educational institutions and large corporations.

Mind Mapping in Education


Explore some of the many practical scenarios in which you can use mind mapping in education.

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Mind mapping finds it's application in many sphere of the business world. See some of our use-cases.

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As a technique, mind mapping can be used to improve and organize many of your activities and daily routines.

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iMindQ Features

iMindQ offers a set of flexible features, appropriate for business and individual use. Browse through some of them and see how they can help you to bring your ideas to life.

Add Topic Elements

Personalize the look of your maps, by enriching the maps’ topics with notes, icons, images, hyperlinks, alerts, etc… You can add attachments directly from your PC and effortlessly manage them, add custom properties and customize the date and the time.


Presentation Mode

With a click of a button, you can visualize your mind maps and ideas. Use the many available options in the presentation mode to create your own custom presentation.


Project Planning Mode

Create WBS, turn your ideas into tasks and preview them with the help of the Gantt chart view. Add task information such as priorities, duration, resources and constraints.


Research Panel

Search for information online at the same time as you are creating your map and streamline the mind mapping experience with the help of the research panel.


Import & Export Maps

Import or export your maps into one of the following formats: HTML; Excel (.xlxs); Microsoft Project (.mpp); OPML; PowerPoint (.pptx); Word (.docx); In addition, you can open mind maps created with MindManager, XMind and FreeMind.


Mind Map Styles

Design the look of your maps with the Map Styles feature. Select one of the many available designs or create and manage a custom style that best fits your needs.


Mind Map Templates

Start mind mapping with just a few clicks with the help of the mind maps templates. Whether you are working on a marketing analysis or brainstorming with colleagues, you can rest assured that you will find a template that is right for you and your team.


What clients say about iMindQ?

More than 200.000 active users have included iMindQ mind maps in their everyday activities and business challenges in order to stimulate thinking, innovate, visually present ideas and solve problems more efficiently.

Juan Carlos Palma
iMindQ mind mapping software offered advanced integration with other business applications, like Microsoft Office suite. That was of great help to organize and structure my activities.
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Juan Carlos Palma - Director of MedicalPartner.es

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