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Mind mapping for Business

Reach a better business performance by including mind mapping in your work.

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Mind mapping for Education

Improve learning and include new teaching methods with mind mapping. 

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Mind mapping for You

Increase your productivity and explore new creative pathways with mind maps.

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Mind mapping software

that inspires the way you think and transforms the way you work

Organize ideas visually, solve problems efficiently, manage information overload and present concepts with iMindQ.

  • Flexible whiteboard space
  • Project planning options
  • MS Office integration
  • MS SharePoint integration
  • Research Panel
iMindQ mind map screenshot on laptop
  • One-click presentation
  • Interactive mind maps
  • Concept maps & flowcharts
  • Available on all platforms
  • Multiple languages

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Creative mind mapping software and productivity tool

Effectively your activities using mind mapping

iMindQ is the mind mapping software that will inject instant productivity into your daily activities. With a wide palette of mapping styles including mind maps, concept maps, flowcharts, WBS charts and organizational charts, this software is the solution to clarify your thoughts, improve memory and give the creative boost you need!

Generate ideas during your brainstorming sessions

Use iMindQ in your next brainstorming sessions and find hidden solutions between its subtopics. Implementing interactive mind mapping software for brainstorming, whether individual or group sessions ensures understanding, participation from all members and instant memorization. The best part is: everyone involved leaves the brainstorming meeting with a single mind map and a clear idea about the covered topics and agreed points.

Use mind maps during brainstorming sessions with your team
Use mind maps, WBS charts and Gantt charts for your project planning

Include project planning in your work

You can turn your Mind Map into a Project Plan by creating a WBS from your deliverables and visually analyse the outcome using Gant chart view. Communicating information with mind maps will ensure that your team will understand the project plan and avoid the misunderstandings that will occur from working with different software solutions. You can create a master mind map with all project related information to avoid document cluttering and never miss important information.

Create mind map presentations and inspire others

iMindQ will help your mind map tell its story with a single click. While you focus on mind mapping, iMindQ will be preparing a presentation that’s ready whenever you are. If you need your presentation to really stand out you can use iMindQ’s smart presentations to create a unique presentation from scratch!

Create single click mind map presentations with iMindQ
Include mind maps in your work to improve decision making and problem solving

Efficiently strategic-level ideas and plans

Instead of struggling with piles of linear info, you can use a mind mapping software to conceptualize, refine and organize strategic-level ideas which are easier to connect and understand. With iMindQ you will improve your decision making process and will keep your team focused on the flow from defining goals to formulating a corporate strategy.

What iMindQ mind mappers say

  • “I began to use mind mapping for planning with the new team, define budgets, medical and launching plans, departments organization, new presentations, sharing tasks with my colleagues, planning medical visits, trainings, etc. I consider this technique very useful for everybody, especially for scattered mind persons (like me). It helped me to tidy up.”

    Mr. Juan Carlos Palma, Director of -
  • “Old fashion paper method of creative thinking and brainstorming is out of the way. We needed a solution that will be intuitive, easy to use, but visually powerful and effective.”

    Optus, Australian leader in Integrated Communications -
  • “Out of all software solutions we tested, iMindQ has emerged as the product with the best price/performance ratio. It covers not only all of our requirements, but also offers a lot more.”

    Mr. Jochen Auinger, Founder of Next Generation Solution -
  • “With iMindQ, I managed to improve my ability to promptly respond to the daily management tasks by being more strategically focused, but without losing the tactical. Having tried other mind mapping tools, iMindQ is by far the best mind mapping software I have used.”

    Mr. Alexander Cuartas Florez, CEO of ATYC Consultores -
  • “iMindQ offered an easy way to quickly develop ideas (topics) and look at relationships in a visual manner; it is very difficult to look at interactions using a traditional outline or project plan.”

    - Mr. Charles Teague, District Chairman of the Boy Scouts of America -
  • “This new version of iMindQ offers a rich presentation mode that enables you to present your ideas with style.”

    - Chuck Frey, Founder of the Mind Mapping Software Blog -
  • “We realized significant efficiencies with the new presentation and reporting(planning) system with iMindQ. There new processes have saved on average five to seven hours per week outlining new and in-progress client presentations. People are now focused on the flow, rather than getting lost in the probability and statistics”

    - Mark Hogsett, Application Engineering Manager at Simco-Ion Technology Group -

Companies that use the best mind mapping software

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