Zeinab, a student at Swinburne University, uses iMindQ to get through her student years with ease

Swinburne University

Swinburne University located in Melbourne, Australia is a university dedicated to creating innovation, industry engagement and social inclusion. Its graduates are mainly from the business, health, science, design, technology and innovation departments. Zeinab, is a student in the third year of studies towards a bachelor’s degree from the Swinburne University. She is aware that summarizing the lessons and lectures can help her save time, improve productivity and recall information more easily.

The Problem

Enrolling in university is the first step towards independence, however many students struggle when it comes to achieving their study goals. Classes, lectures and lab exercises, as well as the great deal of books, papers and articles that every student needs to read, can be quite overwhelming. Although a fan of reading books and articles, Zeinab outlines the importance of summarizing everything that she has read. Since no one likes to go and read a book repeatedly, she is looking into a software that will help her distill the main points of each book.

The Solution

In order to find a solution to the problem, Zeinab tested multiple existing solutions and tried their trial versions, however she found them to be time consuming and hard to work with. IMindQ was the only software that helped her memorize different facts quickly.

“It is very convenient and I can do whatever I want without spending too much time. It helped me to summarize books and articles more easily and quickly which lead to getting good result and progress in my studies” – Zeinab , a student at Swinburne University.

The Outcome

Zeinab points out that with the help of iMindQ, organizing and storing your knowledge can be done more quickly and easily so that you can gain benefit from it whenever you need it. By using a mind map students, can make better projects, stay up-to-date, and prepare for the upcoming activities with ease.

“Your product helped me to get through my second year of studies at university very well. It is really what a student wants when it comes to summarizing the lessons and lectures easily and with less effort”– Zeinab , a student at Swinburne University