The sales industry is a nuanced and complicated field. People working in sales mainly focus on maintaining income and increasing the company’s profit. Pursuing a career in sales asks for great communication and presentation skills and an ability to show significant performance in achieving your main goals.

Probably some of these goals will be gaining access to all the information about your potential clients, creating a bold and engaging presentational story, and ultimately getting to that point where you can use your people skills to the fullest.

As a sales person, you can find mind maps helpful in numerous different spheres in the sales industry. You can build your sales pitch upon a successful sales strategy while setting the foundation with the use of the mind mapping technique.

Researching and identifying potential clients

Dive into researching and identifying your potential clients and decision makers who meet your buyer persona. This is the very first task in the lead generation phase that can be executed with the help of mind maps.

With mind maps you can structure information and add even more graphically presented issues, which may be helpful in the selection process and the process of your prioritization. You can put all the research information about your prospects and even rank or mark their potential or status in your mind maps.

By keeping track of all the potential clients and adding value to your CRM system, mind maps can help in making a better decision while selecting your best prospects.

Determining and selecting qualified prospects

After generating your network of prospects, it is time to determine whether or not they are qualified leads. Keep all of your potential customers’ information in a mind map so that you can visualize it at any time. Branch your leads’ valuable information into a comprehensive guide that will lead you to your customers faster.
Be sure to update your client’s information in your mind map accordingly. You can use the feature for exporting, importing and attaching any file type, all while still preserving the highlighted key points on which you want to place your focus. Finally, use the possibility to set a reminder so that you can be pre-prepared for the next sale.

Making a bold presentation

The manner in which you introduce your story to a potential client can make or break your sales processes. How you propose a solution to a client, be that a product or a service can lead to a final successful deal that will be closed with a purchase or an unsuccessful deal that will be closed with a rejection.

Making a sales pitch with a mind map can be very practical. It can assist you in making a quality presentation that will capture your potential customers’ attention. You can branch all necessary key-points you want to deliver in your presentation and use the mind map as a guide during your speech.

You can even use mind mapping software to present your pitch to the client party. It most certainly will create a great impact in the way they are used to receive sales presentations and will add extra points to you in their decision-making.

Preparing for answering questions

Being prepared to answer all the questions that may arise after your sales pitch, is also an important thing, as many potential customers might get interested in learning more about your offered solution. What you need to do is prepare yourself in the best way you can.

A good preparation is important as it can define the way in which your potential client perceives you and determine his final decision. Firstly, it depends on your background and experience you have in sales pitching. But at the same time, it depends on your willingness and determination to make a good presentation of your company’s products or services. Therefore, if you have firmly decided to bring to the table the best deal, surely you will prepare well for it.

Regardless of the medium you will choose for your presentation, here is where mind maps can be extremely helpful. You can organize a large amount of information within a mind map and by having it visually represented it will be easier for you to memorize more details and to find answers to your clients’ questions quickly.

Making notes of potential customers' impressions

After finishing with your presentation and Q&A session, it is time to make notes of your clients’ impression. In the mind map, you can emphasize your idea of your potential customers’ perception – whether is a positive or negative one. This will help you decide what to do next. In this phase, you have to make a decision whether you are going to do a follow-up or simply move on to your next sales pitch.

Keeping track of clients' information

No matter whether your sales pitch turns into a purchase or a rejection, it is extremely necessary to keep track of your leads’ information.

With the mind mapping technique, you can keep track of all your contacts, details, assign statuses, and easily manage, use and update that information.

Mind maps can act as a guide for reporting about completed presentations, accepted or rejected deals, and much more.

Moreover, you can branch out information about your past, current and future prospects about which you need to keep your tabs on.

In the end, you can organize and manage your post-sales activities and record follow-ups as you go.

Staying organized and productive

Aside from making a good sales pitch, just like every hardworking person, sales people as well need to stay organized and productive at work. Time management and task management becomes a difficult job, especially when there is a need for professionals to multi-task. By spending at least 5-10 minutes on organizing tasks, appointments, and meetings in a mind map, sales people as well can be more productive and organized. With a mind map, they will get the chance to present information in a logical and non-linear manner, which will be easier to memorize. In all, they can learn how to prioritize their tasks and activities better.