Easier analysis and management of processes by presenting workflows with flowcharts

Mr. Eddie Sinclair is a principal teacher in computer science at Stromness Academy which is a small school situated on the Orkney Islands off the north coast of Scotland, United Kingdom.

The Problem

My profession is connected to transferring knowledge in the best way possible in order for my students to understand the subject matter and learn to implement it afterwards. Since I began teaching I was always engaged in finding new interesting ways to better present the subject to students and to prepare agile solutions to programming. I was looking for a tool that can help me effectively prepare the subject matter and find a way to keep my student interested. I also looked for an efficient way of translating structure diagrams into pseudo code, one of the parts of my professional field that calls for a good organization and solid preparation.

The Solution

After familiarizing myself with the benefits and use of mind mapping techniques I started to include it in my work.I found iMindQ to be the best solution to play back structure of design compared with other mind mapping software I looked at. This program is miles ahead in terms of presenting the work and in terms of zooming in and out manually. Mind mapping is a powerful graphic technique that substantially supports learning or memorization of complex material and is a must for anyone that works within education. I was quite fond of the ready-to-use map templates within iMindQ and first started with the organizational map to help me build the latter.

The Outcome

With iMindQ I managed to improve my class presentation and keep my students attention. Pupils were able to see the sequence of a design and relate it to structure diagram vs. pseudo code. And this helped them see easily the benefits of both. This saved me a lot of time rather than doing it manually and they were quite impressed with the way I presented it to them. I am sincerely recommending that other teachers also include mind mapping in their teaching and start yielding the benefits of this powerful learning technique.