Facilitated Visual Planning, Project Implementation, Design of New Proposals and Teamwork

Mr. Alexander Cuartas Florez is the CEO of ATYC Consultores, a consulting company located in Bogotá, Colombia which is dedicated in delivering quality business services through 3 business units, ranging from Telecommunications, Portfolio Management, Project Management, Corporate client relationship etc. to companies in the region. His main interests are in the ICT education where he also has experience and has worked as a Director and Professor of the Graduate Teacher Training in ICT use at National Digital Citizen Program, Casanare Vive Digital, and other projects and programs in the country.

The Problem

My job requires to be creative, make decisions on a daily basis, plan and build diverse solutions for clients, evaluate opportunities, design projects, develop proposals etc. In order to accomplish this I was using software tools like a word processor, spreadsheets, collaboration tools, and others, which demand more time to use in order to accomplish my objectives and finish tasks. The tools previously mentioned work separately, so I do not have a vision or a broader perspective of the work being performed. This makes me slower and less productive to advance and my daily management.

The Solution

I needed a tool that will have many functionalities and provide me with a chance to see the big picture and increase the agility of my daily management. That is when I found iMindQ and was really pleasantly surprised by all the functionalities and options that this tool can offer. iMindQ helps me to easily organize and it greatly facilitates my job. I use it every day to create mind maps that represent the flow of my ideas and are a mirror of my mind. In iMindQ I can visually organize information and attach or link others files in various formats to my mind maps. This provides me with excellent opportunity to work more efficiently and be more productive in reaching my goals.

The Outcome

I managed to improve my ability to promptly respond to the daily management tasks by being more strategically focused, but without losing the tactical. This mind mapping solution allows me to have visual communication with my team when designing new proposals and has greatly improved our project planning and final project implementation.