From Plan to Execution - Flexible, Intuitive and Powerful Solution

Mr. Juan Carlos Palma is a Director of, department of Ideas Proyectos y Soluciones, s.l., located in Madrid, Spain. “I was a hospital cardiologist. Later, along 8 years I worked in the pharmaceutical industry in two multinational companies.These jobs need a great concentration to plan and execute many tasks including our self-management, to lead a group, team building, and enhance and update our own knowledge about diseases and treatments permanently.

The Problem

I’ve worked with mind mapping for the last 8 years (since my first work as a medical manager) with some colleagues. They used mind mapping in a very limited things. My surprise was huge when I discovered another possibilities from mind mapping for my life and business purposes.” “One of these aids was to collect and sort too many information about dyslipemias including Power Point presentations, scientific publications, videos and other not clarifying information.” “The best I got was to be able to include and structure whole information in an unique and flexible manner, using different types of documents (Text docs, Power Point, pictures, pdf docs, etc.). “All clear, sorted, nice and expandable as needed.

The Solution

“I consider this technique very useful for everybody, especially for scattered mind persons (like me). It helped me to tidy up.” “Also, I began to use mind mapping for planning with the new team, define budgets, medical and launching plans, departments organization, new presentations, sharing tasks with my colleagues, planning medical visits, trainings, etc. Moreover I have found iMindQ also suitable for my personal needs as well. I use iMindQ in my personal life for: plan family holidays, house removals and even preparing shopping lists…”

The Outcome

“What does iMindQ add? I find some specific advantages:

  • A multi-platform app (Mac users are still few in Spain)
  • A clear and nice screen
  • A clear menu of options
  • Powerful import from other apps
  • Make almost automatic presentations
  • Flexibility, powerful and pretty app with a very adjusted price.”