8 Best Mind Mapping Books

Learning how to mind map from scratch is an essential step towards creating a basis of knowledge that will surely help you better understand this process. In the era of technology there are many ways of learning new things, but how about starting with a good old companion, the book. When it comes to the topic of mind mapping, there are many authors who used their mastery and experience to put together a product that will help people delve deep into the matter.

So if you are looking for a perfect book that will introduce you to the concept of mind mapping, or you are eager to further expand your grasp on this topic, here is a list of the 8 best books that will guide you through the world of mind mapping.

Marks and Meaning by Dave Gray

Visual language, visual thinking, and visual work practices are the three main concepts introduced in this in-progress book. This book is still unfinished and is constantly upgraded with new practices of the author who is also the chairman of XPLANE, a visual thinking company. You wonder why would you want to buy a book that is yet to be completed? Well, the author communicates with the readers and uses their experience and feedback in order to make updates. As soon as you buy the book you get invited to an email discussion group where readers share their experiences as well as new ideas and content. In fact, a book that wants to include your opinion and experience is really worth a try.

The Ultimate Book of Mind Maps by Tony Buzan

The book by the inventor of mind maps, Tony Buzan, offers a wide array of guidelines one should follow in order to excel in every aspect of life. Practical, elaborate, and revolutionary are the three words that can summarize the essence of this book. So if you want to learn how mind mapping works, but most importantly how you can benefit from it in order to achieve your full potential, this is the right choice for you.

Back of the Napkin by Dan Roam

The author of this book wants to assure you that drawing and using pictures can really help you in the process of making decisions, coming up with new ideas, finding easy solutions to problems while at the same time building an inner system of working habits. No matter how complex an idea is, the book will teach you how to make the best visual presentation by only using a simple set of visualization tools. If you have a business that needs to grow or you are just simply interested in the technique of visualizing problems and ideas, this book is the answer to all of your questions.

Idea Mapping by Jamie Nast

“Simply capture your thoughts on a plain piece of paper” is the premise of this book that uses idea maps as a way of learning new things. The term ‘idea map’ is a type of mind map, based upon putting your ideas down on paper. The objective is to allow your brain to absorb more than usual by using idea maps as a more visual tool than the standard document presented data.

This way both hemispheres of the brain are activated which results in efficient storing of information, creative approach to issues, and systematically organized process of thinking. All in all, it will be worth your time.

Thinking Visually by Malcolm Craig

This book covers the anatomy of diagrams. It is pretty straightforward and includes fourteen core diagrams that are thoroughly explained and illustrated. It pretty much relies on theory so if you are into knowing the bigger picture of visual diagramming, as well as the core values of visualizing complex ideas, you are going to enjoy it. Moreover, the author connects the core diagrams to real cases from the industry and the public life, so the reader is provided with a demonstration of how they are used in practice, getting a hold of their efficiency.

Unfolding the Napkin by Dan Roam

Another book written by Dan Roam which will lure you into the world of brainstorming and communicating with pictures. This workbook will teach readers the principles of visualization and how to follow certain guidelines in order to succeed. The most interesting part is that it incorporates numerous case studies, as well as various exercises that you can make in order to get a grip of the concept behind the visualization. Another bonus is the blank pages where you can enjoy applying your newly acquired knowledge. Having second thoughts on whether you are capable of drawing? The publisher assures you that this book will change your mindset from “I can’t draw” to “Here is the picture I drew that I think will save the world.”

See What You Think by Norah Bolton

An e-book that steps up the game in the area of mind mapping, providing the reader with numerous examples of map illustrations, entertaining stories, templates, and inspiring quotations. The easy narrative style of the author makes this piece suitable for managers, entrepreneurs, teachers, or anyone who would like to effectively organize his thinking process.

Power Tips and Strategies for Mind Mapping Software by Chuck Frey

The last piece of this puzzle is a book for those who are working with mind mapping software. This concise e-book provides the readers with important information, tips and tricks and techniques, and insights that are of great importance for constructing a first-class mind map. This pragmatic title is a necessity for anyone out there seeking to find all the answers about mind mapping software in one place.