A Big Special ‘Thank you’ to the Inventor of Mind Maps – Tony Buzan

Everyone who practices the mind mapping technique must know that the inventor of mind maps was Tony Buzan. After his tragic death on the 13th of April 2019, he left us with his legacy – the mind map.

Tony Buzan had a degree in psychology, English, mathematics, and science, and was a book author and educational consultant who popularized the term “mind mapping”. Fascinated and inspired by the creative thinking techniques used by the great minds – Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, and by the “concept mapping” technique introduced by Joseph D. Novak.

His extraordinary work was groundbreaking as his invention of the mind maps has helped and is still helping millions of people around the globe to conduct effective brainstorming sessions, generate and organize their thoughts and ideas, bring out the best of their creative potential, and improve their learning, reading comprehension and memorizing skills.

Tony Buzan pioneered his ideas and viewpoints with the 1970s BBC Series titled “Use your head” which later was put in writing in a series of books including Use Your Memory, Master Your Memory, Use Your Head, The Speed Reading Book, and The Mind Map Book.

Download the brainstorming mind map created with iMindQ.

The mind mapping technique which Buzan popularized, is used for different purposes and by many different profiles of people. Everyone regardless of age and profession can find great use in mind mapping which is defined as a creative technique that eases the process of brainstorming, visualizing, organizing, and presenting ideas. There are a wide number of benefits of using mind maps and these include increased productivity and self-organization, enhanced creativity, and better visualization. Mind maps can help individuals and organizations to more easily express themselves and to create something of enduring value.

We are grateful to Tony Buzan for inventing this practical and easy-to-use diagram that will continue stimulating our imagination and help develop and train our artistic and technical skills.

*The source of the featured image of Tony Buzan is www.tonybuzan.com