A User-friendly Mind Mapping Tool to Display Dynamic Content and Plan Projects

Mr. Olivier Lacroix is a consultant at A2B Conceil, a French company focused mainly on consulting and training services. He has been an ardent mind mapper and has been using mind mapping as a main focus for his trainings and consulting services.

The Problem

I have been using mind maps for over 15 years. Initially, I found this concept by reading a book by Tony Buzan, focused on mental structuring maps and heuristics. Since then I have used many mind mapping tools such as Xmind, MindManager, FreeMind or MindMeister, but I have also recently discovered iMindQ. Ergonomics struck me as interesting and I decided to use this new tool to help me with my organization and information management.

The Solution

I use iMindQ in several different fields, and some of them are:

    • Training: I use mind maps to present dynamic content, and they are very interesting to use for educational plans
    • Consulting: I use the mind maps to solve problems, to structure a project, decision making etc… The mind map is interesting because it can be interactive and the participants can contribute to its development in real time.
    • Note taking and structuring professional writing: mind maps are great tools for taking notes and simplified synthetic structuring writings.
    • Teaching the use of mind mapping: I also use iMindQ to teach mind mapping.

The Outcome

iMindQ is highly efficient mind mapping tool with which I managed to mainly improve organization and control, it is very simple to use and helped me in synthesizing ideas, and structuring of thoughts. Its ergonomic and dynamic user interface contributed to my overall focus to use this mind mapping tool.