The most productive way to visualize your research

Working on research requires a lot of dedication, time, and effort. But organizing your research information is of crucial importance no matter the field of interest, and well-organized data will allow you to accurately assess and evaluate the end results.

In order to ensure the integrity and accessibility as well as ease of management of important data files and information, it is nice to have a plan in place that will contribute greatly to the effectiveness and organization of the research at hand. This research plan can be neatly and visually organized in a useful mind map.

Visualizing your research data and information with a mind map gives you a logical connection between each researched area and always keeps you focused; not letting you stray from the purpose of the subject.

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With iMindQ, you can collect, connect and present data in a visually distinctive and memorable format using a variety of map styles, different colors, borders, relationships, and ties. You can easily collect data from the web and structure it in a mind map by utilizing the web browser functionality.

With this video prepared as an example presentation for research on the topic “Development of the Earth”, you can see the new and innovative way to visualize, organize and manage research data and information in an intuitive mind map by using iMindQ.