Mind-mapping and lawyers. Is it a good match?

The 21st century with all its technological advances has brought a hectic lifestyle that no one is immune to. Lawyers are no exception.

The infinite transactions and client information they need to store and keep organized at all times can create a pretty big mass of large amounts of data and very few information. This is where mind-mapping tools can definitely help as organizing, prioritizing, and improving productivity are among the many benefits they can bring. If we look at the stereotypes – lawyers are considered resistant to new technology adoption, so can they truly benefit from mind mapping software? Let us examine some scenarios where mind mapping can truly help.

Collect data faster

All good lawyers know the importance of having all your data and facts about your case in a centralized common space. Also, since research is a vital part of any case preparation process, having a mind map opened in front of you when you collect your data is a great idea. A good mind mapping software will allow lawyers to add and link additional resources to a mind map about a particular case. ​

Prepare a case

Rearranging topics and subtopics around a mind map with extensive information can help lawyers prepare for a case better. Looking at the facts and prepositions can help them prepare their next arguments by having the bigger picture in mind. It would definitely be a winning strategy. At least until the opposition lawyers get a hold on a mind mapping software of their own.

Solve problems

If lawyers get stuck on a particular problem, a mind map case will facilitate the solution. Instead of going from document to document or have many files opened on your laptop, single centralized space with all data interlinked will find that inevitable solution to a seamlessly unsolvable problem. ​

Present a case

Most mind mapping tools can turn into presentation tools at a click of a button. This comes in handy when a particular case has to be presented to fellow lawyers or the client. In this way, the lawyer can present the key points, the strong and the weak sides of the case, and evident feedback as soon as he receives it.

With all these benefits, lawyers should take into consideration using mind-mapping software as a tool on a daily basis. It really helps to keep a busy mind calm and well-organized.