Explore The Limits of Mind Mapping with These 13 Templates

People today use numerous diverse tools and techniques to help them better organize and perform their tasks and activities, make and deliver presentations, develop and execute some sort of strategy, plan a project, learn a new language, or else.

One technique that in the past was mostly used for brainstorming and organizing ideas and thoughts is becoming more and more popular in today’s everyday environment. It is called mind mapping – a technique of creating diagrams with a hierarchical structure resembling a tree.

So, today, mind mapping finds its use in many segments, regardless of the profile of the person who uses it, the industry they are operating as well as their daily responsibilities and activities.

A mind map is defined as a diagram that is known for its distinguished tree-like form. In order to create a powerful mind map, you need to follow this structure and put your subject in the center and then branch it out into different subtopics.

Mind maps can be created once and then customized as variable templates that can be used for many purposes and by many different users. There are myriad possibilities when it comes to creating diverse mind maps and using them as templates. In this article, we will dive into the use of different mind map templates created with iMindQ – a mind mapping software that offers templates for business, education, and personal use.

Brainstorming Mind Map Template

First off, let’s start with the essentials – mind map templates that can be used for all purposes mentioned above. One example is the mind map template for brainstorming, because – everyone brainstorms at one point in their life, whether is at home, school, or work. And moreover, because the first thing that comes to mind when mind maps are mentioned is an effective brainstorming session.

Brainstorming mind map for improving idea generation

Download this brainstorming mind map template.

The brainstorming mind map template is practical for improving the process of idea generation as well as for problem-solving. With this template, you can start generating new ideas in a more organized and stimulating way. In a mind map, you can present your thoughts and information in different shapes and colors, instead of simply writing them down on post-it notes. Regardless of the purpose you do brainstorming for – simple decision-making or complex problem solving, this template can help you do it effortlessly.

Calendar Mind Map Template

The second on the list is the calendar mind map – which is a practical and cooler alternative to the ordinary calendars everyone possesses at work or work. With iMindQ, you can make a personalized calendar that you can use for planning your daily and monthly activities, friends and family birthdays and anniversaries, important personal or work appointments, and more. It will be fun because you can change, adapt and decorate your calendar as you see fit.

calendar mind map

Download this template.

Holiday Plan Mind Map Template

Here comes the most interesting and fun of them all – the holiday mind map. Everyone enjoys planning and organizing their holiday regardless of what season it is. Organizing your holiday with a mind map is much easier than any other tool or technique. Just put your destination in the middle and start branching out the map with everything that you should include in your planning, including accommodation, transport, budget, agenda, and more. After creating the structure of the mind map you can use it for planning every upcoming holiday.

holiday planning mind map

Download this template.

New Year’s Resolutions Mind Map Template

New Year is at the threshold, and every one of us starts to plan our resolutions and desires to achieve specific milestones in the personal or professional areas. A mind map is a perfect solution for listing all the wishes for happiness and success in the upcoming year of 2020.

near year planning mind map

Download this template.

Party Planning Mind Map Template

Parties happen all year round. Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, all kinds of celebrations – for every event you need a proper plan. Picking up a date and time, deciding on a place, the number of guests, decorations, and everything else you can think of when a party is on your mind needs to be smoothly planned and organized.

mind map planning party

Download this template.

This mind map template is created to cover every little detail that needs to be planned for the event to be successful. More importantly, it is adaptable and can be easily changed according to your needs and preferences. You can remove some topics if you find them redundant and add new ones as you see fit.

To-do list Mind Map Template

Making a ‘To-do list’ is a part of everyone’s everyday life. We make a list of what groceries we need to buy for home, a list of activities we need to complete around the home, or a list of priority tasks we have to execute at work. When the ‘To-do list’ is incorporated in a mind map, it is a lot easier to accomplish all tasks and not overlook anything important to be finished.

to do list mind map template

Download this template.

More specifically, if your ‘To-do list’ is disordered and all over the space, written on different post-it notes is very much possible to lose it and forget things. This mind map is structured to display things that need to be completed, that are in the progress of completion, and that are completed, so it makes it easier for the users to know exactly at which stage are in a specific moment.

Business Plan Mind Map Template

If you are about to develop a strategy for a new business, a business plan is vital. With it, you can describe the basic idea for your business and your plans for growing and expansion. Making a business plan in a mind map can help you present your vision for your business in a more transparent and organized way, and you wouldn’t waste much time and effort as with other types of business plan templates.

business plan mind map template

Download this template.

Besides, the structure of the mind map can support better market analysis, as well as outlining the essential departments that your business needs to grow properly such as administration, finance, human resources, marketing, and sales.

Marketing Plan Mind Map Template

For those working in the marketing sector, a tool for boosting creativity and stimulating outside-the-box thinking is a must. Marketing is tightly connected with brainstorming, planning, and organization, so the mind mapping technique comes in handy here. First and foremost in marketing is creating a plan for your initiatives, whether they cover social media marketing, content marketing, or marketing campaigns.

marketing plan mind map

Download this template.

Regardless of the type of company you are working in, with this readymade mind map template you can easily define your marketing plan and present it to your superiors. Or, if you are starting your own business, you can make it for yourself to help you guide your company to success.

Master a Subject Mind Map Template

Do you need to study or learn something new? In order to excel at a particular subject, one often needs support from a technique or tool. The mind mapping technique can help in mastering a subject at school or university. This customizable template is made to guide throughout the process of studying, learning, and memorizing new information. It outlines everything that you need to study more efficiently – but if you need to add or exclude something you can do it simply by downloading the versatile template.

master a subject mind map

Download this template.

In this mind map template created with iMindQ, you can include everything from course requirements to the schedule and the projects involved. You can also adapt it to your needs and preferences and change the structure, as well as add images and links.

Human Body Anatomy Mind Map Template

Biology enthusiasts, this one is for you! We created a mind map template of the human body anatomy for those students looking for a way to study more effectively, and for the teachers who want to present this complex lesson with a creative teaching technique.

human body mind map

Download this template.

The template is comprehensive and easy to understand – it comprises information about every system in the human body such as the immune system, respiratory system, digestive system, sensory system, muscular system, etc. Download and print the mind map right away or work on it on your computer – add other important information or delete those you find redundant.

Stakeholder Mind Map Template

A well-organized map that allows the user to make a visual analysis of the stakeholders is crucial for companies’ success. This is a mind map template that covers all necessary elements for a successful implementation of the stakeholder strategy, however, it is adaptable and can be customized according to your specific needs.

stakeholder management

Download this template.

Music Genres Mind Map Template

Are you a music fanatic who enjoys listening to all sorts of music, but doesn’t know which genre where comes from? We made a mind map template that covers nine music genres and sub-genres to help you learn more about the connections they have between each other.

music mind map template

Download this template.

If you want to explore from which music genres the Celtic Folk Punk, Cow Punk, or the Chillstep originate from, you can download this map and discover the connections.

Personal Journal Mind Map

Every one of us seems to have kept a journal in one form or another in our life. Keeping a journal in the form of a mind map could be a modern way of writing personal things such as everyday routines, personal and professional goals, plans, and wishes for the future. It may sound odd to keep a journal in this format but we created a template that covers many important aspects. For one, you can state what are you grateful for today or what the things you have learned today are. In addition, it a template that could be organized and arranged to suit your needs.

personal journal

Download this template.

In summary, the mind mapping technique is substantially adjustable and all the mind map templates we have created don’t need to be used in their original form. Use your imagination when using these templates and change their structure as you see fit.

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