Mind mapping software for Windows

iMindQ is a dynamic and exciting mind mapping software tool for visual thinking, brainstorming, planning and organizing ideas. iMindQ helps you map out information and improve your memorization, productivity and creativity. It is great for solving problems, planning, decision making, improving communication and collaboration.



  • Advanced MS Office integration

    Import/export from MS Word, Project, Outlook, Excel, Powerpoint and SharePoint.
  • Interactive HTML mind maps

    Create, share, edit and save HTML mind maps in any browser.
  • Presentation of mind maps and diagrams

    Use the many options available to create your own custom presentation.
  • Extensive Project Planning Options

    Create WBS and tasks within mind maps and preview it in a Gantt chart.
  • Compatibility with other mind map formats

    You can open mind maps created with MindManager, XMind and FreeMind.
  • Concept maps and diagrams

    Create concept maps, WBS charts, flowcharts and many other diagrams.




Yearly Subscription

Included 1 year Software Maintenance and Assurance
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Perpetual License

Lifetime license with 1 year Software Maintenance and Assurance
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User Testimonials

  • Mark Hogsett photo

    iMindQ’s presentation flow proved to be more effective, allowing people to focus on the flow, rather than getting lost in the probability and statistics.

    Mark HogsettApplication Engineering Manager at Simco-Ion Technology Group
  • Joost Van Boeschoten photo

    Using iMindQ as a facilitation tool, helps a great deal to get a grip on conflicts between parties and lead the conversation and negotiation with the usage of mind maps.

    Dr. Joost van BoeschotenConsultant at Contrasticon
  • Alexander Cuartas photo

    With iMindQ, I managed to improve my ability to promptly respond to the daily management tasks by being more strategically focused, but without losing the tactical.

    Alexander Cuartas Florez CEO of ATYC Consultores
  • Juan Carlos photo

    iMindQ offered advanced integration with other business applications, like Microsoft Office suite. That was of great help to organize and structure my activities.

    Juan Carlos Palma Director of MedicalPartner.es