How Can Mind Maps Help You On Your Math Class?

Mind mapping is a strategy that helps students to study, and the professors to teach course material more effectively. A brain map is a diagram that allows creating a visual outline of the information one receives. A brain plan is a considerable brainstorming web that data is branched out into related subjects. With the images, diagrams, and pictures, students can organize their thoughts and succeed faster in their further studies.

It is crucial that students use pictures and other visual aid to study because it is six times more advantageous for allowing memory retention than when students use words and texts only. Mind plans differ from other forms of outlines because they eliminate their linear nature and position the information in a natural way that is easy for the brain to process and retain.

This all becomes crucial for students who study Maths since they have to memorize all the identities, formulae, types of numbers, theorems, and so on. In this regard, the technique you are going to read about in this article can make your life a lot easier, if you do everything right.

Mind mapping helps to:

  • Brainstorm and explore the concepts, ideas, and problems;
  • Facilitate better understanding of the connections and relationships between concepts and ideas;
  • Encourage memory retention;
  • Secure communication and passing down of ideas and thoughts;
  • Take notes faster

For your child to succeed in math and sciences, it is vital that they get the best method to absorb information. While some people learn best by taking notes, most people retain information better when they create graphs. It allows them to visualize what they should master. Here are some mind mapping tips for study success that can help students gain more information and understand better.

Making notes

Mind plans are great because they allow students to make notes on all the information they receive. Sometimes, it is easy for students to feel like they are being told too many facts and figures that it is difficult to remember it all. That is why most students find out overwhelmed by math assignments. There are numerous formulas and different execution techniques which are complicated and difficult to get. Mind plans are a fantastic way to note down the most important information and your keywords to make the connections to ideas and facts. Students get to keep their ideas and thoughts confined to just one sheet of paper.

It reduces the number of pages that your notes will take. If students have one resource to refer to makes it easier to get things. When it is time to review your records, it is a lot easier for students to remember everything they have learned. There is a great variety of mind mapping mathematics software, like iMindQ, that allows you to attach videos, files, weblinks, and documents and have all the information you need at your fingertips. When students revisit the notes for their exams, they can add and edit them as they wish.


It seems that each time students get to school, a teacher is asking students to create an essay plan. Most of the time, students do not know where to start. Even for those Math assignments, it is difficult to stick to a project. However, with a brain map, students will find that it is easy to create a plan to stick to. With a plan, students generate more ideas faster, and with a radial structure, you can quickly connect topics, parts, and the main paragraphs altogether.

Using brain maps will allow you to make a realistic plan for your essays and assignments and create a structure that is logical and that will cover your introduction, body, and conclusion. Brain mapping focuses your mind on the messages you want to display in your essay and the key information that needs to be included to add value to your work. With brain mapping, you are likely to hit the marking criteria. There are numerous brain mapping tools that can help learners organize their thoughts and plan the essays they will write. This will ensure that learners get that grade they want in all subjects including Maths. They also help learners with lesson plans, the designing of class curriculum, and the planning of the timeline of assignments. You get a visual and clear overview of what needs to get covered.

Getting ready for the exams

Studying for the exams is the worst time for students. It always means that you have to go back to the piles of endless notes that you have already forgotten what they are about in the first place. However, with mind mapping, studying becomes easier and a little bit more fun simply because it will allow you to minimize the number of notes you use. No more useless papers!

To ensure you have mastered everything, you can create a mind chart with the key information right before you go to the exam. By doing so, you will see how much you have covered in your studies and how much you need to cover to complete the entire syllabus. These charts will help you remember more, and maintain the connections between ideas which is ideal for answering any exam questions. It is also a great way to test yourself and focus on the various aspects of the subject.

Inspires creativity

When you need to write a story, plan assignments or paint a picture with that equation, but have no idea where to begin, try mapping. That’s how you can spark billions of creative ideas to help you complete any school-related task. Maps work the same way your brain works which means that when you get an idea or when an image pops up in your mind, you can come up with millions of other solutions.

With mind plans, you have a way to present this process on paper. Regardless of how random and crazy the ideas seem to be, you must make sure that you write them down because they can become a source for something really applicable. Never underestimate the power of association.


If you have a tough equation to solve, mind mapping will help make things clearer and simpler for you. Problem-solving skills are also very important and are highly valued by both universities and employers. And with this technique, chances are you will get ahead of the pack. It will help you achieve your goals and get into the career you have always desired.

When you encounter a tough mathematical problem, your first instinct is to freak out and think that you will never be able to solve the problem. You do not have to force your mind into finding a solution. Mind mapping allows you to open up numerous possibilities and come up with different ways to solve the issues. With a plan, learners create ideas and find solutions for the equation. Mind mapping helps learners spark off more possibilities and solutions than what your original thought was. You can then refine this plan to get the most realistic and practical solutions. It ensures that you can focus on the numerous options you have and choose the best and quickest way to solve the equation.


At times, making presentations can seem overwhelming and daunting. Especially when you have to deal with Maths because it seems that all there will be in your presentation are formulas, equations, identities, and all the other unpresentable stuff. What you show on a screen should back up and illustrate your words so you can always use mind mapping to help you gain confidence and find out just how well versed you are with the subject.

Without a plan, you are likely to make your presentation shallow. Reading from notes is boring for any student. But with a map, all you need are images and keywords to stimulate your memory. That’s how you can acquire a more conversational tone and maintain eye contact with your audience.

About the Author

Harry Southworth is a creative writer at Essay On Time who has been working hard for years to provide learners with tips and tricks on how to work and complete their papers. He also works with other professionals who teach learners how to do brain mapping and how beneficial it can be especially for Maths and Science students.