10 Best Business Writing Tools for Entrepreneurs

When you have an entire business on your back, the last thing on your mind would be improving your writing skills. However, you mustn’t neglect the importance of written expression as it enables you to communicate with your partners and clients successfully. In addition, writing is a very important aspect of business planning and online marketing.

There is always time to elevate your skills in composing great content. The following 10 tools will support you throughout the challenge:

Mail Mentor

Mail Mentor

Start your practice by learning how to write appealing emails to potential customers, business partners, industry influencers, and reporters. The goal is to compose a short, captivating, and readable message that will grab the reader’s attention. Mail Mentor will tell you how much time it takes for someone to read the message, and what grade level it’s appropriate for. Plus, you’ll get suggestions on structural improvements.


You don’t have time to cover the content marketing responsibilities all by yourself? It’s okay; you can always delegate that part of your work to professional writers. NinjaEssays delivers all types of business content, press releases, and articles in any niche. The writers are really talented, so you’ll get great results by any deadline you set.



Entrepreneurs are aware of the importance of mind mapping. You must be familiar with using this technique when developing business concepts, but did you know it’s also an important starting point of the writing process? Use iMindQ – an elaborate online tool that makes mind mapping really effective.



You should never leave your customers waiting for a response. If you’re bored by writing the same message to different people, you can create templates with Gorgias and use them for Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo. You can insert the template into the message through a keyboard shortcut.

Plagiarism Checker

Plag Traccker

Plagiarism is a serious sin in content writing. A single unintentional mistake can ruin your online reputation since the search engines won’t list your page among the first results on the list. Use PlagTracker to make sure the content you’re about to publish is completely unique. You can also use the tool when you want to check if someone plagiarized your content, so you’ll take proper actions on time.

Customer Focus Calculator

Customer Focus Calculator

Is your website readable enough? It may seem perfectly fine to you, but you’ll never know how a visitor perceives it until you check. This online tool requires an URL of the web page you want to test, and your company’s name. Then, you’ll get a report that will help you simplify the content according to your customers’ needs.


Live Plan

Let’s start with the most important document you need to write: the business plan. LivePlan is really effective and simple business plan software that helps you carry out your idea to a productive business.

Juicy Studio

juicy studio

This is one of the main rules of writing content for your business: don’t complicate it too much! It needs to be readable and clear. Juicy Studio’s Readability Test will keep you in line with your target customer’s readability level.


Business plan software

When you think about business writing, the first thoughts that come to your mind are plans, financial projections, marketing, and cash flow forecasts. Those types of documents can be really time-consuming. The awesome templates on this website will help you complete them faster and more effectively.

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