Seavus DropMind is no longer in Beta

To all mind mapping community, we are glad to announce that Seavus DropMind is no longer in Beta and has come to the market improved and enriched with the features you wanted.

The desktop version has a new presentation mode where you can generate presentations directly from maps, and you will also be able to edit the map further in outline view. If you have MindManager, FreeMind or XMind maps you can now import and work on them in DropMind.

Let me introduce to you the option you were all looking for – the advanced search, which allows you to search topics, notes, hyperlinks, and attachments.

Web version has significant feature advancements such as the outline view, numerous export options such as exporting the map as web page, adding attachments to your topics, and many more… It is available in 3 editions: free, premium and academic. Try it out.

Finally, what you were waiting for has arrived, the integration between desktop and web application which enables you to upload maps from a desktop, work on them online with your team or friends, and download them whenever you want to continue the work on your desktop application.

Have fun mapping! 🙂