MS® Excel Export/Import and spreadsheets available in v2.2

If you have downloaded Seavus DropMind™  (now iMindQ) in the past week, you’ve probably noticed a few changes and new features that we have developed and packed in the newest version 2.2. Thanks to our users and their suggestions, we have added a few more functionalities to make their work effortless. This version includes features that extend the MS® Office integration package and some other features according to our users’ recommendations. So let’s see what’s new:

MS® Excel Import/Export

As an improvement of the integration with MS® Project and MS® Outlook and the advanced exporting options to MS® Word and MS® PowerPoint, the MS® Office integration package is extended with MS® Excel export/import. Now you can export your mind map as a Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet and import a spreadsheet as a mind map.

Insert Spreadsheets

Insert information into a spreadsheet format with a desired size and layout directly in the selected topic and accomplish your tasks easily. Make your work more understandable for you and others. This is very useful for your business plans, forecasts, and management dashboards and it facilitates the comparative analysis of project management and strategic decision-making.

Custom properties

With Custom Properties you can add different attributes to topics with a custom name, and choose between several types: Boolean, Number, Text, Date and Time. You can use them as a platform to export and import data with applications like MS® Excel.

Moreover, there are many improvements of the functionalities in the web application. Now you can continue working on your map even if your internet connection is lost. To try out the improved application simply log in, or create your FREE account, if you haven’t done it yet.