Building buzz for a brand new mind mapping solution?

We’ve got lots of great feedback on Seavus DropMind™. What is your proposal on how to build some buzz?

Here are the comments:

“I use MM software all the time so am always on look out for better tools. Like SmartManager which is a good tool but this is far cleaner with better functionality, more pro looking, better for corporate presentations & like the floating topic capacity – love it – I am converted! Best wishes, Lisa”

Lisa Ludlow

Director & Co-Owner, Corporate Accountancy Solutions Ltd , Stockport, UK

Excerpt from Steve Dunn’s blog post

“I gave it a quick try and it looks very nice.

… it looks feature packed compared to other online mind mapping tools I’ve tried.

… It’s nice to see Silverlight apps like this. I’d probably switch to it once all the glitches are resolved. MindManager’s great, but it comes with a lot of fluff I don’t need, like Office integration and RSS features.”

Steve Dunn

“Good templates! Hyperlinks rules!”

Dmytro Voytko

Technical director/CIO & CoOwner at Abis-Soft

“Very interesting tool! I’m trying the online version and find it to be very user friendly and simple to learn. Thank you!”

Carla Ferreira

Project Manager

I will appreciate your comments very much.