Introducing New iMindQ Version 11

Dear Mindmappers,

We are pleased to announce the new iMindQ version 11.0!

What’s new in iMindQ 11.0?

The new iMindQ version 11 has been enriched with performance improvements and an improved UX, as a result of implementing the latest technology updates in the key components of the application and resolving reported issues.

iMindQ is a mind mapping tool that encourages your originality and inspires innovative ideas that can be easily captured during your brainstorming sessions and shared with others in a visually stimulating and understandable format.

It is great for solving problems and it helps you map out any information quickly and creatively through mind maps, concept maps, flowchart and other types of diagrams.

Try the new iMindQ 11.0 Free for 15 Days today!