iMindQ – Introduces new GUI in latest version

Dear Mind Mappers,

Today, we have a piece of exciting news to share with you.

We are pleased to present you with the new iMindQ version 9.0! – *solely available for the Windows platform*

What’s new in iMindQ 9.0?

Users can now enjoy working in a more user-friendly environment.

The new GUI is a re-imagination of what iMindQ’s users already love. It has been carefully redesigned to simplify interactions and enable easier and faster creation of mind maps.

The NEW GUI in version 9.0 comes with:

    • Simplified Ribbon
    • New Icons
    • New Colors

Through mind maps, concept maps, flowcharts, Gantt charts, Organizational charts, WBS charts, and other types of diagrams, iMindQ is a great instrument to use to capture your ideas, get the most of a major workload or information overflow, and visually present them in a rather easily memorable and understandable format.

Try the new iMindQ 9.0 Free for 15 Days today!