Integration with Basecamp

DropMind’s integration with one of the “hottest” project and task management web application is a step further for the product’s development. Our idea was to expand the core mind mapping functionality to project and task management and fill in the gaps that users experience while using the application.

Connecting this two core functionalities, mind mapping and project management in a logical sequential loop allows developing a process where everything starts as a general idea. Using Dropmind™ at the beginning phase of a project is perfect for setting goals or for developing idea into a well structured concept. The advanced set of collaborative features provides a complete solution for envisioning and initiating projects, tasks and managing resources. The users can further develop their project in Basecamp, exchanging data and task information.

Users can import To-Do lists or individual To-Does in DropMind™ maps from Basecamp. The imported project or part of a project will retain its integrity and it will be reflected on the map along with all its data like project name, description, deadlines (end dates), resources and milestones. At the end, the entire project can be presented to the stakeholders in a visual and well organized way which will give them a complete overview of the project’s key points.

The key benefit is that this integration allows you to easily manage your data and resources, organize projects quickly and communicate in a visually distinctive way.

Integrating Seavus DropMind™ and Basecamp was a big challenge for us. They act as a powerful combined tool for iterative project or idea development. Now our users can mix the core functionalities of the two apps interchangeably and the benefit of the imported project is the greater project visibility and presentation.

As a conclusion, Seavus DropMind™ – Web continues to take advantage of “being in the cloud” and looks forward to develop itself in the light of the current trends.