Improve Your Time Management Using DropMind®

Do you want to be one step ahead on the path to professional excellence? And you know that improving your time management is crucial to reach your goals? DropMind®, our mind mapping tool will help you to become an effective time manager, to reduce the stress and to improve your productivity.

Follow each steps below and see how you can plan and organize your daily/weekly tasks with DropMind®.


The first and one of the most important steps to improve your time management is planning. Organizing your daily/weekly activities can help you accomplish more and take control of your tasks. But have in mind that there is a limit to what you can done each day during the week, so be realistic and put in your plan all the task you can really achieve during your work day/week.

Remember: There are things in your work plan that you must accomplish, so take the next step and prioritize your tasks.


You’re overwhelmed with so many task that need to be completed and you don’t know form where to start? You know all task you need to finish but your stuck? Prioritize your tasks, this will ensure you that your work time and energy will be spend on task that really matter to you and your company.

You can use different priority systems, such: 1, 2, 3 or A, B, C or color system, or whichever you prefer.  It’s important to remember that you can add as many level of importance as you think you need but without overwhelming the system.

Remember: Each work day is spiced with unexpected things that come up in the middle of some important task you need to finish today. So, don’t forget to leave time each day in order to handle the unexpected. In the next step, read how to set reasonable deadlines so your schedule to be flexible enough to handle changes and to minimize conflicts and last-minute rushes.

Set Deadlines

Now when you have your weekly plan and you set your priorities it’s time to put deadlines at each of your tasks. Prioritizing and set deadlines are connected to each other.  When you set deadlines for your tasks take into consideration your priorities. Don’t forget to live time each day in order to handle unexpected tasks.

Remember: In your weekly plan there are larger tasks on which you may work all work day and you may neglect other task that are also important and need to be finish today. Take the next step: Break larger task into smaller.

Break large, time-consuming tasks into subtasks

It is much easier for you when your large task is divided into several subtasks with their own priorities and deadlines. So break large, time-consuming tasks into smaller and get them all done.