iMindQ Brings you Closer to your Mind-Mapping Needs

A brand new website for a brand new mind-mapping experience!

With the continuous strive to get closer to all the mind mappers and potential mind mappers out there, the website has a new intuitive and user-focused interface. Thus, in accordance with the main user groups of mind mapping which were identified, the main menu contains pages dedicated to business, education, and individuals.

Following the main mind mapper groups are the pages where you can learn more about mind mapping with iMindQ, including a very useful mind map repository that contains many mind maps, concept maps, flowcharts, etc.

No matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced mind mapper, you can find enticing video tutorials that can show you how to use iMindQ and what mind mapping can do for you on the ‘get started page’.

Make sure you stop by and visit the iMindQ mind mapping templates page, where you can find a useful and vast variety of mind maps for individual, business, or educational use.

You can also find useful case studies from our users and the latest news section on which you can keep track of everything that is going on with our latest updates, along with new versions and improvements.

Duly mentioning that the website content is to be enriched, we send you on a quest to check it out and give us your feedback by supporting us with a constructive comment that you can send at [email protected].

Hope you will enjoy the new mind mapping experiences!