How it all began: The Story of iMindQ

Dear Mind Mappers,

Thank you all for being an inspiration and a driving force that keeps us innovating over the years. We have always strived to meet and exceed your expectations by continuously improving and increasing the benefits provided by our mind mapping solution.

This year, following our incremental growth and taking your needs into consideration, we have taken a big step forward, leaving the boundaries of a typical mind mapping tool and creating a new and broadened mind mapping solution that offers a different and more exciting mapping experience to all.

The challenge

To go beyond the mind mapping technique in an effort to satisfy or even exceed the ever-growing needs of the users, by creating an even more sophisticated mind mapping tool.

The idea

To present a unique mind mapping experience that will support the exploration of creative pathways, innovative concepts, and effective management and organization of information.

Presenting iMindQ

iMindQ is a premier mind-mapping solution that inspires creativity, stimulates thinking and brainstorming, provokes innovation, enables visualization of ideas, and initiates project planning, conceptualization, and modeling of processes.

iMindQ will change the way you think and reinvent the way you work by offering you new ways to visualize ideas and information with the use of concept maps, flowcharts, diagrams and various other formats.

Be among the first ones to experience iMindQ!

Download it here!

You can also visit our video library page to learn more about mind mapping.