Holiday Mapping with DropMind

The holiday season is here. We are all planning to enjoy the summer heat. There are plenty of offers and opportunities out there. An enormous spectrum of places to visit, means to go, plans… Our proposal for this summer is to picture your vacation. Literally. Visualize it.

Travel Map

Open your mind map application and start planning your vacation. Enjoy doing it. Invite your friends and start building your holiday vacation map together. Each of you can suggest different places to visit, how to get there, what to take. It will be a visually appealing plan of your pleiad of options. It will serve you as a remainder what to do before going to holiday, what to take… an endless list of possibilities the application offers. Exploit them. You will be surprised by the effect. Every information on the same place, you will get the big picture, each of your friends will contribute to the map… so all you will have to do is to go to your dream vacation and relax.