DropMind’s Birth on CeBIT

It’s been a week since CeBIT has finished and I’m back to my everyday duties. However, I owe you some insight into Seavus DropMind™ presenting there.

As you already know, the official beta launch happened while I was standing at stand 46 in Hall 5 :). What an honor, ha. To be there together with the software ‘friends’ from California, and Schwarzenegger of course, as well as the German ERPs and CRMs…, and how can we forget, Angela Merkel. It was a great challenge for me and the team to be there and present our product.

The most interesting thing for me was the euphoria and interest in the mind map we have prepared for CeBIT. It presented all of the CeBIT halls in the actual order.

People found it easy and useful. The concept we prepared was interesting to the CeBIT visitors. They liked and used the maps.

That was actual proof that our goal and philosophy, that it is much better and convenient to present the information visually, instead of reading schemes and lists, are on the right track. In the end, let’s face it – people like it visually.

I want to thank all of you who visited us and got in touch with Seavus DropMind™. It was my pleasure to be at your disposal and present you with the newest mind mapping applications on the market.

Stay tuned for more information.