DropMind™ for iPad Available Now!

After months of dedicated work, we are more than happy to announce DropMind™ application designed specifically for iPad!

With DropMind™ for iPad it is easy to capture basically anything: from ideas, information, to things you like and see. A great set of features will help you keep your workflow even when you are out of office. The application has a beautiful user interface, made for easily creatable mind maps that can be shared. The app synchronizes seamlessly with DropMind™ Web version.

We have already received a great feedback from our customers! One of our customers said:

“I find DropMind™ absolutely gorgeous, and look forward to using it for several different purposes.”

Chuck Frey, one of the recognized mind mapping experts, on his blog specialized for mind mapping techniques and tools, wrote:

“DropMind makes an impressive debut on the iPad.”

“A great user interface design, combined with easy synchronization with DropMind’s “cloud” application help to make this app one of the best for the iPad”.

Download the application, explore all features and start creating your mind maps on the go.

New Release: Version 2.3 Available Now

Explore new opportunities in mind mapping with the latest DropMind® versions