DropMind 3.5 is Live and introduces WBS charts

We are starting our summer season with style!

DropMind Desktop 3.5 and DropMind Web 3.0 are out live with some awesome new features and lots of improvements.

Here are the key features implemented at our Desktop version:

Work Breakdown Structure: WBS is the essential feature of  every project that helps you present data, products or ideas in organized structure decomposing your project into smaller components.

Session manager: This feature helps you organize your work with multiple maps at the same time. Provides possibility to open, edit or clone maps and gives users complete control of their mapping workspace.

Exporting Gantt chart as image: Now you can export your project schedule as image, print it or transfer your Gantt chart as image in other project documents.

In the web application, we managed to improve the map syncing and the balanced layout .

You can find out more about our new stuff by visiting our site. Enjoy the DropMind mind mapping experience and write us your comments, ideas or suggestions. We would love to hear your thoughts.

Have a great summer,

DropMind team