Benefits that DropMind & iPad bring to the table

Having a portable device that can access the information you need the moment you need it is a must in this day and age. Tablets have started to dominate the technology gadgets market for the exact same reason as the opening sentence of this paragraph. It is a fast-changing business environment and quick responses are needed.

Our response to the growing demand for iOS support for our product, for example, resulted in DropMind Lite and DropMind Full.  But as always, our main focus are our users, and how we can help them. Let us see how any kind of synergy can be created by combining DropMind and iPad in the sequences that we have found most suitable: Map, Plan and Integrate.

Map on the go

One of the core benefits of DropMind – mapping and organizing your ideas just had a great improvement added – independence of place. You can now carry your maps with you and work as soon as you feel the inspiration coming. This means creating great maps from home, at work, or a quick tweak at the restaurant while you are having dinner.

Plan easier

A better plan is just a few finger tips away! With DropMind for iPad, you can create central topics and subtopics, arrange them in a way that speaks best to you, and intervene whenever you want. You can count on your favorite tool to follow each step of the planning process. Also, if you are detail-oriented, DropMind for iPad contains a lot of colors, shapes, and pictures that will tailor the plan according to your needs.

Integrate and share

With DropMind Full you will be able to integrate your plans with DropMind Web, an advantage when your job’s nature is to jump through devices. DropBox and are supported if you fancy these storage services. In the end, we realize we are living in a social era, and sharing is important.  With DropMind for iOS, you will have the possibility to share your map with your Facebook friends and your Twitter followers, as well as the “good old and simple” e-mailing.

As you have seen, there are many advantages of using mind mapping tools that will keep pace with the technological advancements, and we have them!

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