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We are trying to get as close as we can get to our clients. That is why we chose to be present on the largest social networks today, Facebook and Twitter. We love connecting with our clients, helping them with any questions they might have, and creating a large community around mind mapping and project management! We also love listening and learning, so we saw much sense in being on Facebook.

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We realize that asking for your attention is a big deal in this day and age. And while we promise not to abuse it, we feel that we should reward our fans for trusting us with their “Like”. That is why starting today, all our fans will get 10% OFF on any DropMind® license. You can get your coupon by visiting our 10% OFF coupon tab on our Facebook page.

Future plans

As we mentioned before, we appreciate every customer that rewards us with his time and attention. What you can expect from us in the future is educational and funny content, as well as eagerness to respond to any questions or suggestions you might have. Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have!