What is Mind Mapping?

Mind mapping is one of the most powerful techniques that allows you to capture the natural flow of ideas.

Mind mapping is a popular method for learning, arranging ideas and their interconnections visually.

It can be used to create graphics linkages between a central concept or issue and other concepts or issues with memorable tree-like diagrams. It allows you to create, capture, organize and communicate highly interactive visual representations of complex ideas, information and data.

Mind maps are great for freely manipulating ideas, knowledge and information. They can hold various types of content and data, and can be rearranged as needed. Mind maps are extremely flexible and can have a variety of uses, such as:

  • Note taking;
  • Brainstorming;
  • Problem solving;
  • Studying and memorization;
  • Planning;
  • Research and consolidating information from multiple sources;
  • Presenting information;
  • Gaining insight into complex subjects;
  • Exercising creativity;