What is iMindQ and What Does It Do?

iMindQ is a dynamic mind mapping software tool for visual thinking, brainstorming, planning and organizing. It is great for solving problems, improving communication, and organizing plans and project quicker and more efficiently. With its smooth usability and highly interactive interface, it saves time, energy and effort, increases productivity and creativity and improves every aspect of your work.

iMindQ allows capturing all important information on a simple, easy-to-use, cross-platform friendly mind map.

With the help of iMindQ you can create different types of maps such as: Balanced/Free style Mind Maps, WBS Charts, Organic Mind Maps, Concept Maps, Flowchart diagrams and other different types of diagrams and present them just with the click of a button. Everything that you can imagine you can visualize with the help of iMindQ®.

Staying true to the essence of the brand, iMindQ offers users the possibility to brainstorm, visualize, organize and present information and ideas, while increasing productivity, organization and creativity.

With its simple and intuitive interface, iMindQ is designed to be a practical all in one tool, intended to help users deliver results and be more productive.