Organize your project and get the basic project information

Now that you have created your first task and gotten familiar with the Gantt Chart, it’s time to create more tasks and organize them in your first project. There are several ways in which a project can be started in iMindQ. We recommend opening the WBS Chart map. To do this, open the File menu, and select the New submenu. From here select the WBS Chart. This action will automatically open a map where the central topic will represent the Project Branch and every topic that you insert will be added as a task.

1. Show and Add Project Information

Once you have opened the WBS Map, it is time to add information to your project. Before you access the Task Info panel where you can add the information, from the Plan ribbon, select the Show Task Info button. From here you can display the tasks’ information and customize the display options.

From the Display Options dialog, you can select the information that you want to be sown in the tasks, as well as customize the default values. Once you have chosen the Display option, you can add information in several ways. Directly from the tasks by clicking on each information From the Task Info Panel located on the right of the working space From the Gantt Chart by drawing bars directly in the Gant Chart, or by editing the information directly from the Activity Table. By selecting the Information button, from the Plan ribbon, you will be able to view the information in more detail as well as add predecessor and resources to the tasks.

To add a predecessor, select the Predecessors tab from the Task Information Dialog box, click on the Add button, and from here select the task in which you want to add a predecessor. From the Dependency, type drop-down, select the type of dependency between the tasks. Once the Predecessor has been added, it will be visually represented in the WBS chart. Notes can be added to your tasks as well from the Task Notes button from the Plan Ribbon.

2. Project Statistics & Overview

Apart from organizing your project in iMindQ, you can view the project statistics and change some basic parameters in order to have a better understanding of how your project is advancing. For this purpose, the main project function that we recommend you to look into is the projected statistic. You can access it from the Plan ribbon, by selecting the Project Info button from the Project group. This will open the Project Statistic dialog box that shows a visual representation of the entire project. From here, you can note the tasks that are completed versus the tasks that need to be finished. From the Project Statistics dialog box, you can see the Start and Finish Date, Duration, Work, Priority, and Percentage Complete of the entire project. From the Plan ribbon, you can manage your project further by Changing the Working Time or by highlighting the late tasks with the help of the Late Tasks button. This action will color all of your late tasks in the color red.