Organize activities with tasks, appointments from MS Outlook

By integrating iMindQ with MS Outlook, organizing your tasks and appointments has never been easier. In order to add a task or an appointment to your MS Outlook account, you need to do the following:

  • Select the Exchange Ribbon Tab
  • From the Collaborate group, select the Outlook button
  • Select the Create an Outlook Task/ Outlook Appointment

This will open the Create Outlook Task/ Outlook Appointment according to the action in the previous step. The inserted tasks or appointments in iMindQ will be shown with a small icon on the left side of the topic, indicating that they are connected with Outlook. Every change that will be made to the tasks or appointments throughout Outlook will be automatically synchronized in iMindQ as well.

Another powerful feature that makes the organizing of activities with tasks and appointments easier is the importing and exporting functionality To export a task from iMindQ to Outlook, select the task that you want to add, click on the Exchange ribbon, and from the Collaborate group select Outlook. Click on the Export to Outlook function, and your task will be added to your Outlook To-do list.

Same as exporting the tasks that you have created in iMindQ to Outlook, you can import the tasks from Outlook to iMindQ. Select the topic where you wish to add the task. From the Exchange ribbon, select the Outlook Button. From here you need to select the Import from Outlook function. This action will open an Import from MS Outlook from which you can select the task that should be imported. Should you choose to change the parameters to your Tasks from Outlook, the changes will be automatically applied to the task in iMindQ.