Introducing the Details section

Adjust the levels of your mind maps with the help of the Details Section. When you click on the Details button, you will be able to choose the level of the detail on the map that you want to display.

When you click on Level 1, only the central topic and the main topics will be presented, all the other child topics and sub-topics will be collapsed. You can choose to see level 2, and only the central topic, the main topics, and the subtopics from level two will be presented. You can expand all levels of the topics by clicking on the All levels option from the menu. The detail level depends on which topic or subtopic is selected.

By clicking on the Select Branch button from the menu, the chosen topic and all its subtopics are selected. If the selected topic doesn’t have subtopics, or if the central topic is selected, this button will be disabled.

The Collapse All option will collapse all levels of the map, and only the central topic will be presented, while the Expand All option will expand all levels of the map.