How to present your maps?

You can present your ideas and thoughts with the help of iMindQ with the help of the Present function.

Create the map that you want to present and then click on the Present ribbon. In this ribbon, several functions are available for you to choose from. We recommend starting simple and select the From Beginning button. This action will start an automatic presentation of your map in the way in which the topics were created. You can navigate through the presentation just by pressing the right and left arrow keyboard buttons. IMindQ enables you full control of the presentation slides.

By using the Generate Scenes button from the Present Ribbon, a panel will open on the left side of the workspace, containing all of the slides with which the presentation is consistent. Here you are free to customize the look of your presentation.

By dragging and dropping the created slides, you can rearrange their order. If you right-click on a scene in the panel, the following options will be shown:

  • Insert a scene;
  • Preview a scene;
  • Pan transition;
  • Jump to transition;
  • Delete scene and
  • Delete scene(s)

From the Scene panel, you can create an entire presentation from scratch. You can insert scenes from the Add Scene button, located in the Present Ribbon. When you click on the Add Scene button, the following options will be shown for inserting a scene:

  • Blank Scene;
  • Focus on topic
  • Expand Branches in Parallel
  • Sequentially Expand Branches
  • Present Sequence
  • Highlight content
  • Highlight presented sequence
  • Show all elements

You can also insert scenes, just by dragging and dropping topics from the map to the Scenes Panel. As you drop the topic in the panel the listed options from above will become available to be applied to the new scene. From the Present ribbon, you can add Animations to your scenes and Change Transition.