How to create To-Do list?

In iMindQ™ there are several ways to create To-Do lists:

  • By creating MS® Outlook Tasks;
  • By creating tasks in iMindQ™.
  • By creating a Calendar Event in iMindQ Mac.

Create MS Outlook Task from iMindQ™. You can easily create MS Outlook tasks in two applications at the same time: iMindQ™ and MS Outlook. No need to switch constantly from iMindQ™ to Outlook and vice-versa. To create MS Outlook Task, do the following steps:

  • Select a topic in iMindQ™, to which the task will be inserted as a subtopic;
  • Click the Exchange Ribbon;
  • From the Collaborate Group, click the Outlook button;
  • Choose ‘Create MS Outlook Task’ from the dropdown menu;
  • Enter Task Info data in the MS Outlook window;
  • Click Save and Close.

Note: MS Outlook Window for New Task will be opened where you will have to enter the necessary data.