How to create a Concept Map

Same as creating a Flowchart Diagram, to create a Concept Map, you need to open a Whiteboard space from the File Menu (File->New->Whiteboard).

To add a Floating topic just make a double mouse click on empty map space.

To insert text in the topic just start typing after it is selected, but make sure the desired topic is selected.

To add a connection to another idea (topic), you can use the relationship option in the Quick Topic menu, drag the relationship from the starting point and drop it to the topic, which will be the ending point.

To insert a label on the relationship, just select the relationship and start typing. You can also drag and drop a relationship, by using the Quick Topic menu, from a topic to an empty map space which will create a new Floating topic to the desired place. When creating a flowchart diagram are used normal angled relationships. In order to change the shape of the relationship, do the following steps:

  • Select the relationship;
  • Click on the Relationship dynamic contextual ribbon;
  • From the Style group, click on the Normal Angle relationship shape.

The shape that you change will be applied for all other new relationships, until you decide to change it again.