How to change the mind map style

Once you have created your first map and inserted all of the essential elements, it is time to go one step further by customizing its style.

By personalizing and designing the look of every idea, your mind mapping experience will be significantly enhanced and your thoughts will be better presented.

The easiest way to change the style of your map is from the right side Style Panel.

From the Current Style drop-down menu, you can select one of the available styles, or import previously created map styles.

To create, import, and apply a map style to this segment, do the following:

  • Design a map according to your likings (change the topic shape, color, format the text, change the background, etc)
  • From the right side Style panel, from the Style Items, select the Central Topic Style. From this panel, you can customize the Central, Main, and Subtopics of the map.
  • Save the map as iMindQ Map Style .dmms
  • Open a new map and select the right side Style panel
  • From the Current style, segment select the Manage Style function and import the map that you have previously saved as .dmms
  • From the Current style segment, select the imported style from the previous step

Congratulations! With these steps, you have successfully created, imported, and applied a new style to your map.