Create and edit your first task in iMindQ

Throughout the Help Articles, it was mentioned that the topics in iMindQ can be transformed into tasks.

Once you get familiar with the main elements of project management and create your first tasks, you will be able to plan and track entire project plans in iMindQ and get the most out of the project management features. In order to modify a topic to a task do the following action: Select the topic that you want to transform into a task.

From the Insert ribbon, select the Task Info button. This will open the Task Info Panel from which you can edit the Task information. You can name your task, set a priority and percentage completed, start date and finish date, duration, units, work, and resources. From this panel, you can even select a type of constraint and add it between tasks.

You can insert tasks into your map from the Plan ribbon as well. Select the topic to which you wish to add the task, click on the Plan ribbon, and from the Group select the Task button. This action will automatically insert a task alongside the default task information. You can edit the information in the task from the Task Info Panel, or directly from the task.