Better Guidance and Management to Students and Volunteers

Kelsang Sherab is a Resident Teacher at Compassion Kadampa Buddhist Centre. The center which is located in England is run by volunteers, offering a variety of study programs and services relating to Buddhism, Meditation and How to Create Mental Peace in Modern Life. Kelsang Sherab’s primary role is the educational guidance of individuals who come to the centre, helping people find inner peace and learn more about Buddhism and Meditation. He also trains people to become Meditation teacher themselves.

The Problem

The centre is a registered charity; and part of Kelsang’s role includes supporting the volunteers who manage the charity. His main input is in guiding and supporting the volunteers, helping them to run the charity as smooth and as efficient as possible for the benefit of the people in their town and region. In accomplishing both aspects of his job – the administrative and educational – there is the problem of many little ‘bits’ of information and a definite need to use these in the best logical way. There is a need to find a way to bring all the facts to the ‘table’ and then to make it into something sensible – meaningful from the point of view of education or practical from the operational point of view.

The Solution

Kelsang has found that mind mapping helps when dealing with the responsibilities of managing, organizing and accomplishing all aspects of his job. “I have been using mind mapping for many years. I can say I have tired many mind mapping software. Without a fail, all the software I ever tried had its own failures particularly in flexibility of usage- they all had their limits in what you can or cannot do on the page, which was a problem because my way of creating maps did not always fit the rigid way the software dictated.” The iMindQ team excels! “One day I got an email from and I really don’t know how they had my email, which means usually I never open such email. But I did, and I gave it a try, and really the trial was for 15 day, but it took me 5 minutes and I decide to buy it. The flexibility of this software won me over. Although there are some little glitches sometimes, nevertheless compared with what the software offers these glitches are insignificant. I can truly an honestly say the iMindQ is what I always hoped for in a mind mapping solution.

The Outcome

Kelsang continued with the usage of mind maps to aid his organizational activities and support to all the volunteers managing the charity organization. Furthermore he continues to use iMindQ mind maps while being on the Teacher Training Program of the New Kadampa Tradition as well as the Special Teacher Training Program, to help him with his studying and teaching activities. “I can now say I am a happy owner of iMindQ and use it regularly and feel easy to recommend it to others. In fact I am purchasing it as a present for two of my students.