A Great Solution for Planning, Strategizing and Presenting Complex Ideas

Mr. Rasmus Seah is a Resident Manager at Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts (China World Summit Wing) in Beijing City, China. He has more than 25 years of experience in the hospitality industry and has recently started using iMindQ in order to help him with his organization of trainings, facilitate communication with the employees and improve strategic decisions.

The Problem

Communication was done in a linear and ‘boring’ way and I used mainly Microsoft Word and PowerPoint which is pretty much the standard. I have previously used mind mapping software, but none of them have given me the experience I have expected when aiming to improve my planning and thinking. I really needed another solution to help me achieve greater productivity and better organization of my work.

The Solution

I identified iMindQ as a solution for planning, strategizing and presenting at times complex ideas. I tried iMindQ among other mindmapping software solutions and found it to reach almost like the high-end/priced software such as MindManager. I use iMindQ frequently to organize my trainings, easily communicate new ideas and tasks to employees and it has greatly improved my strategic planning and helps me to easily reach my strategic decisions and plans. I really like the useful templates within the software and I think the latest version has really come of age to compete with strong competitors. The reasonable price and excellent support service give reasons plus to recommend this mind mapping solution to anyone.

The Outcome

Mind mapping with iMindQ is helping me sort my thoughts and even communicate my ideas better. I have also gained greater organizational improvements and speeded up my note taking. iMindQ has significantly helped our team work performance by improving our collaboration and communication.