Excellent Tool For Clear and Structured Planning With Easy Tracking of the Completion Status

Mr. Jochen Auinger is the founder of Next Generation Solution, a company engaged in software development / IT security. He works with a small and highly skilled team on providing individual solutions in nearly all areas of electronic data processing. For this purpose, it is very important for him and his company “Next Generation Solutions GmbH” to always be up-to-date with the latest technology in order to achieve a higher level of competency and have satisfied customers.

The Problem

With working in parallel on multiple projects, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep the important points in mind and to deliver all tasks on time. The clarity over the file organization is easily lost with time and therefore we needed a tool that: – Provides a clear and structured planning with dependencies; – Allows simple tracking of the completion status (percentage / graphically); – Provides several display options for different problems; – Offers an optimal Office integration (eg. meeting planning tool in Outlook where the corresponding appointment are synchronized); – Has standardized templates that will ease the procedures at meetings; – Supports graphic markings or highlights; – Has a good (quality customer) support.

The Solution

In order to find a solution, I then tested many both free and fee-based tools over several days. Ultimately iMindQ has emerged for as the product with the best price / performance ratio. It covers not only all of our requirements, but still offers a lot more. In addition, we have the support that we want: It is always answered competently within a short time. iMindQ offers a great customer support where our requirements are promptly forwarded to their development team. It is really great to receive such great feedback and it’s good to be able to participate and give suggestions for further implementation.

The Outcome

It is really great to have your own planning clearly in front of you, and a smaller chance to overlook any significant points. Instead of using many text / Word files and spreadsheets, now everything is very clearly managed in a single tool.