Easier Analysis and Management of Processes by Presenting Workflows With Flowcharts

Mr. Frank Saieva was MD of E+PC Engineering and Projects Company (Pty) Ltd and until recently headed the Engineering Africa Platform of Murray & Roberts Ltd, South Africa’s leading engineering, contracting and construction services company. He now runs his own Engineering and Project Management business. Mr. Saieva’s professional background includes more than 25 years’ professional experience proving himself to be an expert in his field. His interests include finding and developing better plans for his company, and he manages this by boosting the thinking process through the usage of mind maps and flowcharts.

The Problem

Dealing with many types of activities on a daily basis requires a good plan and a solid organization. I seldom have the time to look for different tools that can help me with my tactical and strategic planning. I required a more affordable and adaptable mind map software that had the power of a top end solution. I needed a tool that can help my organization to better understand the processes within and optimize it better to ensure a higher level of efficiency in planning the workflows and thus help in eliminating loose ends. Being previously familiar with the mind mapping concept, I had been using it for elaborating a certain topic that was connected to my personal interests. And I have to admit that I hadn’t found any tool that manages to merge mind mapping, concept mapping and flowcharts, until I tried iMindQ a few months back.

The Solution

After trying out the fully functional trial version of iMindQ, I was very satisfied with the many features it offered me, having a one-stop application for organizing many of my business tasks and daily meetings. I am an avid user of flowcharts and use them to reach decisions and solve communication problems and work clutter issues within various sectors and teams. Using iMindQ helps me to establish a solid organizational backbone of all the major processes within the company and focus the platform’s operations towards achieving the projects on time. So far iMindQ has hit all the right buttons. It is very flexible, being able to import other applications with ease and the export capabilities make communicating the mind map solutions easier.

The Outcome

iMindQ has a very intuitive interface which provides a quick and up and running usage of my mind maps and concept maps, to mark the priorities of my to-dos, delegate tasks or simply show the team new approaches to their work in order to reach higher efficiency. The project management and Work Breakdown Structure diagrams have a good ease of use and I like the add-on feature to each element. The flowcharts help me optimize and prioritize processes within the organization and establish better communication with the employees. I would wholeheartedly recommend iMindQ for aspiring and business focused users, as it has helped me focus my strategies towards reaching new targets and goals. It is a tool that will support your decisions and boost the collaborative environment within your organization, which I think is the core to a successful company in every way.