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DropMind’s Birth on CeBIT

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It's been a week since CeBIT has finished and I'm back to my everyday duties. However, I owe you some insight into Seavus DropMind™ presenting there.As you already know, the official beta launch happened while I was standing on the stand 46 in the Hall 5 :).

Seavus DropMind™ in the blogosphere

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It’s so exciting to see that our efforts are worth something. And they are surely worth; we are valuable enough and other people are also excited about our application.I want to thank Philippe Boukobza and Steve Dunn for introducing Seavus DropMind™ to their...

Visit us on CeBIT

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We have just launched the Public Beta and we are already presenting on CeBIT :). Want to see Seavus DropMind™ F2F? Come and visit our team in Hall 5, booth A46 and see Seavus DropMind™ in action. There are a lot of surprises! See you there?

A short overview of the web application

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Seavus DropMind™ is a web based application created in Microsoft® Silverlight™ with one of a kind 4 sphere map layout.With its smooth usability and highly interactive interface it really saves time, energy and effort and improves every aspect of your work....

What is Seavus DropMind™

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Web Seavus DropMind™ is brand new mind mapping tool that allows you to take the full benefits and rich experience from the most powerful “next generation” runtime on the Web, Microsoft® Silverlight™. The web application provides unique...

Presenting Seavus DropMind™

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I will try to shortly present our motive to come up with a mind mapping tool. Our idea was to integrate the desktop and web mind mapping experience. Users can access and edit mind maps anywhere, via a combination of our desktop and web mind mapping solutions. When they want...