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Collaborative, creative and intuitive mind mapping

Mind mapping software - iMindQ 8


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  • Work together on ideas with interactive HTML mind maps

    Present, share or work together on ideas with friends and colleagues through a collaborative experience of the unique HTML mind maps. Read More Send mind maps in HTML format and initiate creativity and valuable feedback from your recipients, with them being able to re-edit and save the mind map within any browser, and send it back to you. You can upload interactive mind maps on your website, blog or document management system and share it via social media networks. The HTML mind maps can be navigated, expanded/collapsed to the desired level of detail, modified, saved and presented as animated stories within any browser.


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  • Build your mind maps from PowerPoint presentations

    Now it is simpler than ever to build your mind maps from your MS PowerPoint presentations. Read More You can create a powerful visual impact from your linear presentations in PowerPoint, by importing their contents into a mind map. Mind map presentations provide an overview of the whole topic, no matter the number of PowerPoint slides you have, making it easier to see the big picture. The visual cues that a mind map presentation holds can assist you in being more improvisational and allow you to present to your audience in a more interactive way.




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  • Emphasize major characteristics

    Mind maps can hold many ideas and information connected to a given topic, and highlighting major characteristics provides an easier distinction of the most relevant parts. Read More In iMindQ you can describe and point out different characteristics of a specific idea, concept or object, by defining custom properties and tabularly represent the information. You can also use multiple boundaries to group your ideas and visualize groups of elements with similar or characteristic attributes.



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  • Plan and set reminders for daily activities and tasks 

    Organize and stay on track with planned actions by synchronizing your tasks, to-do list, planned meetings and events across your Mac and iOS devices. Read MoreMake a to-do mind map of your activities or create a personal planner where you can note down important events and add reminders to finish tasks on time. The activity reminders can be directly synchronized with the applications iCalendar and Reminder (iOS), in the desktop version of iMindQ for Mac. So regardless of the device you are using, you can always remind yourself of your due tasks and plans, anywhere you go.


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  • Organize and edit mind map content via Outline view

    Logically connect and organize the parts of a specific central idea, research topic or analysis that needs to be finalized in a text document. Read MoreWith the Outline view you can preview, reorder and edit all information in linear format, including all notes, links and images in your mind map. All the supported content in the mind map can be exported as Open Document Text (ODT) file that can be opened in most text editors. You can finalize the document with your desired text editor and you can always reference to the logical connection visible in your mind map.


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