Halloween Discount on iMindQ Mind Mapping Software

How can iMindQ help you?

iMindQ is a premier mind mapping solution that inspires creativity, stimulates brainstorming and provides unique approach towards visualizing, organizing and presenting your ideas.

concept mapping with imindq

Create Concept Maps

Concept maps are a visual illustration of concepts and ideas that are connected with linking topics around a central concept.

creative brainstorming with imindq


Brainstorming sessions with mind maps ensure comprehension, memorization and greater participation from team members.

project planning with imindq

Plan Projects

Plan projects by creating a WBS from your deliverables, and visually analyze the outcomes with the use of Gantt chart view.

remarkable presentation with imindq

Create Presentations

Leave a powerful visual impact and provide an overview of the whole topic, by presenting your mind maps with a single click.

team collaboration wtih imindq


Work together and share ideas with friends and colleagues, through a collaborative experience with the unique HTML mind maps.

Why Choose iMindQ?

iMindQ is great for solving problems, planning, decision making, note taking ,organizing and presenting information. With iMindQ you can:

  • Create mind maps, concept maps, flowcharts & diagrams
  • Integrate your maps with MS Office & SharePoint 
  • Create unique & remarkable one click presentations
  • Rich gallery of mind map templates for quick creation of maps
iMindQ - halloween mind map

iMindQ helps you bring your ideas to life and share them with the world

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